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solar animation

Click the start arrow above to see the light on our project model for a full day: from sunrise to sunset in less than 30 seconds.   Solar animation: a daylight study which involves creating a 3d CAD model of your project, geographically situated and correctly oriented with a plat or survey (or local gis), with specific latitude and longitude of the address and the date.


Sunny afternoon light on the interior of 3D CAD model

3d CAD model of Addition with low pitched roof, skylights, Entry to Music Room through brick porch with column and
overcast conditions on 3D CAD model

This daylight study shows the  3d CAD model of  a renovation in the correct orientation on October 24.  Sunlight on the interior as well as the exterior of a project can be analyzed, leaving the project the way it is or changed to effect either more or less direct or indirect daylight.

Solar Animation showing early morning sun inside Addition
Solar Animation showing inside of model at dusk

solar animation