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based on conversations between the architect, Barbara Richter and Mr. Bob Bacon in 2013, shared emails between client and long time Duke Forest neighbors and  theTriangle Modernist Home website.

Prior to moving to North Carolina to build Deck Houses, Bob Bacon worked for the original company responsible for the Deck House as a designer. Deck Houses were sold as a "kit" of precut, prefabricated parts and materials and shipped to the site where the builder built the house. From 1970 to 1984, Mr. Bacon operated a building company in collaboration with Maurice Pridgen, named BoMar Construction (formed from their first names, Bob and Maurice).

BoMar Construction modified the original Deck House, using the architectural elements of the Deck House with local materials.

Implemented changes by BoMar resolved some of the design issues including:

  1. Dark interiors

  2. the occasional awkwardly dimensioned space due to the 8’ module; (tight Entry)

  3. the floor/ceiling assembly which couldn’t accommodate plumbing, mechanical or electrical work

  4. Storage.

Changes to the original design:

  1. added clerestory windows at the ridge,introducing daylight into the dark interior of the house;

  2. the light from the clerestories is stunning on a sunny day; however the light-absorbing properties of wood and brick meant that dark interior were still problems to address in 2013.

  3. changed the 8’ spacing of the beam/rafters to 12', which allowed for a wider Entry (though still narrow (another issue to solve forty-five years later);

  4. built the floor with floor joists instead of the solid floor panel in the original post and beam construction used in the original Deck House kit, which allowed ductwork, plumbing and electrical work between the two floors, mitigating room to room sound transmission, eliminating the need for additional conduit and opened up more closet space which were now free of ductwork.

Early North Elevation

Sketch of Modernist Renovation

deck house renovation: the story