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BIDDING AND NEGOTIATION:  means helping you, the Owner, choose a licensed General Contractor. We meet with the General Contractors, explain the project, meet them at the site, interview them with you about your project. During this phase, as always, we are available to answer questions.

Not all architecture offices use this model of the “negotiated bid”, but we think it is a better way of delivering you the best renovation and in your budget. In bringing the Builder on board early, we gain his/her wealth of experience and knowledge as pertains to materials, methods and, importantly, budget while we’re still in the planning stage. Additionally, when the final pricing is in place, there are no big surprises.   Generally, Builders need 2 to 3 weeks to prepare a price.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT:  is further refinement of the Schematic Design, but with new information from the insight gained from the meetings and subsequent conversations with General Contractor. During this phase, we hand drawings to a structural engineer for sizing beams, providing details for foundation, footings, roofing and framing information, retaining walls, etc. Other consultants such as interior designers, acoustical engineers, civil engineers are also contacted during this phase. We work together with the builder to keep the price within your budget.

CONSTRUCTION DOCUMENTS: Creating Construction Documents presents the biggest block of work for architects, where the project, which started with ideas, now becomes specific. It involves creating details where materials come together, coordination of the different systems, adjusting the design to accommodate recommendations from the structural engineer and other consultants such as cabinet makers, interior designers as well as selections from the Owners such as

  1. Furniture

  2. Cabinetry and Built-ins

  3. Doors and Windows

  4. Flooring, Wall and Ceiling Materials

  5. Solar / Geothermal heating and cooling

  6. Daylighting and/or Light Fixtures

  7. Appliances

  8. Plumbing Fixtures

  9. Paint and Wood Stain selections

architectural services

Architectural services include Programming and Schematic Design, Bidding and Negotiation, Design Development and Construction Documents, at which point, the General Contractor applies for the Building Permit. Construction Administration, the final phase of the design process, is treated slightly differently per case; the fee can be based on a  percentage or billed at an  hourly rate, depending on the complexity of the project.

Architectural fees for a home renovation typically are 10% of the construction budget as determined by the General Contractor, the Owner and the Architect at the end of Design Development.

SketchUp model of Addition

PROGRAMMING AND SCHEMATIC DESIGN: start with meeting you, the Owner, (click on link for more details and ten questions) to hear and see your ideas and your home. Due diligence regarding special site conditions and limitations of your property require research of state and local Town Ordinances per zoning, water and utilities. Also, preparation for and attendance at any Town hearings, meetings, correspondence with Town officials. Design ideas are discussed, sketches and drawings, 3d models (for the sake of visualization) are presented, discussed and refined, resulting in CAD drawings of the floorplan, elevations and a site plan.

Resolution of programming and schematic design: Once we get your approval of the schematic drawings, we finalize the plans and elevations, hand them to a preselected group of two or three general contractors for preliminary pricing. The Preliminary Pricing Set includes Schematic Floor Plan(s), Elevations, Demolition Plan, a Site Plan.


We provide the “For Construction” set of drawings to obtain a Building Permit which contain:

•Site Plan

•Foundation Plan, Floor Framing and Roof Framing Plans

•Floor Plans showing materials, dimensions, appliances with Finish, Door and Window Schedules

•Reflected Ceiling Plan


•Interior Elevations with built-ins such as vanities, kitchen cabinetry, shelving, trim and molding details
3d CAD model of renovation

•Building  and Wall Section(s), Details

•Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Plans with Lighting layout

perspective view of 3d Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) model of a ranch renovation

Our job is to customize our process to your needs and your program.  Hourly rates are available and our services can be a la carte and can include

•  feasibility studies

•  site selection

•  3d CAD modeling

•  renderings

  1. programming


what to expect

More information about what to expect:

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