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Cube | Design + Research joined Richter-Norton Architecture for second 10 Minute Architect.

Saturday, February 2, 2013 from 9-11:30 am

3CUPS 227 S. Elliot Road Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Next Ten Minute Architect will be at a still unnamed coffee shop in Chapel Hill, Carrboro or Durham, Saturday morning, date TBA.

Anyone with a residential or commercial project can make an appointment or walk in to this free design clinic.

Bring your photos, drawings, magazine articles; bring your ideas. Come enjoy a coffee or tea while we ponder your home or business ... for about 10 minutes. We’ll sketch, brainstorm, sketch some more. It’s fun.

Both events, the inaugural at the Open Eye in Carrboro in November and the following at 3CUPS in February were well-attended. Walk-ins and appointments got what they wanted: some got ten minutes of design; others, advice (about property, the building process, the Building Code(s), building permits, fees and more); others still, a chance to interview one or two architects to begin a project.

Call 919-824-7349 to make an appointment.


poster for 10 Minute Architect held in February of 2013

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