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Join us in 2016!

In the  spring of 2013 in St. Louis, MO we joined RL Mace Universal Design Institute host a three day conference  on design, materials, products and marketing by leaders in the field and it was fantastic. See the photos, feedback and rave reviews at

The Fifth Universal Design Summit 5 (UDS5)  provided exceptional content on universal design in housing, sustainable community design, and affordability to create living environments usable by all.  In the previous conference and what to expect in the next:

  1. Learning opportunities through informal discussion, breakout, and plenary sessions.

  2. The nation’s most enthusiastic practitioners and thought leaders. 

  3. Principal topics on Universal and Accessible Design in new and renovated homes.

  4. Other presentations featuring outdoor spaces, office environments, indoor air quality,  commercial spaces, home technology,  building materials, products, and appliances. 

  5. Better Living Design Institute (BLDI) and their national certification programs.

  6. Expanded exhibits such as Honeywell, Hafele, Toto, Kohler, Dow, QuickDrain, and many more.  

  7. Continuing Education for architects and occupational therapists, builders, interior designers, landscape architects and planners. 

  8. Authors of significant new publications in the fields of accessible and universal design; their books available to purchase at the conference bookstore. 

  9. A half-day showcasing great examples of universal and accessible homes and communities in the St Louis area.

accessibility and universal design

Ms. Richter-Norton has worked extensively with RL Mace Universal Design Institute since 2011 on accessibility and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA2010) compliance and Universal Design especially in the national conference this past May,  Universal Design Summit 5, Universal Design in Housing and Communities.


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