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Ms. Richter-Norton has worked extensively with RL Mace Universal Design Institute since 2011 on accessibility and the Americans with Disability Act (ADA2010) compliance and Universal Design especially in the national conference this past May,  Universal Design Summit 5, Universal Design in Housing and Communities.

universal design conference

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Universal Design Summit 2013

universal design and the renovated ranch

This renovated ranch home features:

  1. a terraced, tree-lined ramp with low pierced-brick wall and landscaping to bring you to single-level living;

  2. new Entry with new brick walkway

  3. Trellis and garden area with low walls at front Entry;

  4. Trellis and Patio adjacent to Dining Room for outdoor living

  5. Increased daylighting through new skylights;

  6. Additional and more contemporary and energy-efficient windows;

  7. Improved Floor Plan

  8. Bigger Bathroom with 5’ turning radius (for a chair, if necessary), blocking for grab bars, if necessary at a later date.

  9. Bigger Kitchen open to Dining Area with pass-through to Living Room;

  10. Optional lowered Kitchen counters

  11. All 34” openings

Why renovate the ranch?

  1. They are single-level living, great for empty-nesters.

  2. The floor plan is simple - easy to add to ... and subtract from.

  3. There isn’t much in the way of interesting detailing in a ranch built in the 1950’s.

  4. Generally, one-size-fits-all doesn't fit very well.

  5. They are small for a big family.

  6. They are small for a small family.

  7. Storage

  8. If you're not a family, how does it fit your needs?

  9. Do you want to connect cooking, eating and living?

  10. Do you want to connect to the outdoors?

  11. Do you want more detailing, pattern, daylight, color, texture in your home?


  1. The pitch of the roof (so it is either shallow or steep)

  2. Daylight

  3. Windows and window placement

  4. Trimwork and detailing

  5. The view

  6. Acoustical treatment for music or home theatre

  7. Acoustical treatment for noise

  8. Connection to the outdoors

Do you have a ranch that wants to be renovated?

perspective of 3d CAD model of renovated ranch

floor plan renovated ranch

Universal Design Renovation: notice skylights for increased daylight, trellis, ramp integrated into landscaping, single-level living
Universal Design Renovation Floor Plan: notice ramp, single-level living,

universal design renovation