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Shower with white ceramic tile with glass tile accent

In order to create a Master Bedroom, the one upstairs Bath became a Powder Room off of the Hall and a full Master Bathroom. The resulting windowless and small-sized Master Bedroom and Powder Room seem spacious because of the new

  1. skylights
    Recessed niche in shower with glass tile

  2. high ceilings

  3. generous mirror surface

  4. glass and light colored tile

  5. maple (light-colored) vanity and also light colored brushed Nickel

  6. recessed towel bar
    Recessed niche in shower with glass tile and grab bar

  7. single glass panel to at shower

  8. Universal Design features include a

  9. low curb shower;

  10. grab bar in the shower.

Cabinetry by Vitaly Smirnov.

Powder Room with new skylight, maple vanity, lighting, recessed towel bar, hardwood floors, room length mirror

one upstairs bath becomes a powder room and master bath

deck house renovation:  master bath and powder room



Master Bath Shower

Powder Room

niches in Shower