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The challenge and the joy of this project was to honor the original architecture while introducing this Midcentury Modern to the Twenty-first Century.

The architectural solution had to address the issues mentioned previously: dark interior, a darker and damp basement, a narrow Entry, room to room sound transmission, and then repairs, upgrades, the current Building Code, an Energy Audit, LED lighting and more.

While preserving the column and beam structural elements,

  1. entire walls and portions of walls were removed to add daylight and increase sight lines;

  2. fireplace wall used an organizing feature in the Living Room; 

  3. new and replacement windows and doors

  4. new window and door details;

  5. new wall sections and detail;

  6. original Kitchen gutted and renovated;

  7. one Bath converted to Master Bath and Powder Room;

  8. energy and water efficient fixtures and appliances; 

  9. sealed and insulated new roof while maintaining the original slim profile; 

  10. added insulation to walls, floors, ceilings;

  11. replaced single-pane and leaky windows with double-pane insulated glass while sealing the wall to drafts;

  12. repaired the existing siding; using a lighter stain;

  13. acoustically treated the walls, ceiling and HVAC in a Basement room to become a practice room for late night singing, violin and trombone practice.

After: photo taken from the Kitchen with view toward Living Room

Renovated Deck House with retained new and replacement cedar siding, new and replacement direct set glass, new roof, shoji style garden wall

deck house renovation:  design issues